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Miss Mullberry

Healthy livestyle enthusiast and a food lover based in Aarhus, Denmark

Welcome to my delicious blog! This place is dedicated to everyone, who enjoys healthy, homemade cooking.

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Healthy, inspiring recipes

and lifestyle inspirations

The main purpose of my site is to provide a delicious variety of healthy recipes, easy to make and affordable for everyone.

I decided to start this blog, to help people, who just like me, have troubles changing their lifestyle.

I've been struggling with loosing weight for years now. Recently, I discovered that the reason I've been loosing this fight, was problems with thyroid. This motivated me to start taking a better care of myself to regain the good health and confidante. I've decided to replace my old habits with new, full of clean and nutritious food. I put a strong emphasis on making dished from scratch, that way I know exactly what products are inside.

I hope that you will find here some great inspirations, that will also help you to follow the healthy lifestyle patch.

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