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NO16 – unique dinning experience

Dream Cake / Drømmekage
July 20, 2018
Hindbærsnitter aka Danish raspberry pop tarts
October 4, 2018
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Nowadays, we live a very busy and fast life. We sometimes loose the basic values of enjoying the moment, and most importantly each other. It is important to find time for the simple pleasures and enjoy the moment. And what’s better way to do it, than through your stomach.

L ast Friday, I was invited to try the menu at the Restaurant NO16, in the center of Aarhus. I was very excited for the visit, as I found the concept very interesting. But first things first. The whole concept of NO16, focuses around delivering the ultimate food experience to their guests.

You won’t find there a traditional menu card, and lines for booking the table, instead you find a unique atmosphere and total relax.

I used the opportunity, to take my husband for a dinner date, and after the recent events with moving in to the the house, we really deserved it. At the arrival, we were welcomed by our waiter, who gave us a brief about how the evening will go and served us some bubbles and appetizers.

We followed to our table, where we could fully relax and simply don’t think about anything else, than us. Here you don’t have to rush, once you booked the table, it’s yours for the whole evening! It’s all about really enjoying the moment and taking that slow breath in our chaotic everyday life.

Our menu consisted of four dishes, which were printed on the cards, and a drink open bar.

Yes, you heard me, an OPEN BAR! With a wide selection of craft beers, wines, and of course non-alcoholic drinks.

With the help of very skilled and extremely polite waiter-staff, you can pick the exact matching drink, that will complement the dishes, or if you prefer, you can always go wild.

We really enjoyed every single bite of the food served that evening. Perfectly balanced, good size portions, with interesting additions, really fitted to the early autumn aura. Every meal was presented by the waiter, so we could fully appreciate the variety of the kitchen.

What was unique, is the fact that all meals were served at the same time foe everybody. Which made the experience even more exquisite, as it gave us a feeling into belong to the community.

Like the world around us just stopped, and that group of people, could feel really special.

We ended the evening after four hours of an amazing experience. I loved every single moment of that evening, especially that I could really reconnect with my hubby, and simply catch up on those little things we miss during the everyday life.

Visit NO16 website to find out more

book the table HERE.
I think NO16 it’s a perfect place to celebrate big and small moments, and definitely a place, where you can really disconnect from the routine. The atmosphere built by the surroundings, people, and of course the delicious food, makes it an unforgettable experience, and a must-visit place on the Aarhus’ map.