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Top 5 gifts for foodies

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November 30, 2017
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January 2, 2018

Top 5 gifts for foodies includes a subjective guide for the best Christmas gifts for every food lover!

B uying Christmas gifts and be sometimes a real headache, especially if when you ask people what they want to get, you often hear "I don't know".
Today I'm sharing with you an ultimate Christmas gifts list for foodies! Foodies are naturally very curious and creative creatures. They like trying new things, experimenting in the kitchen, so they will definitely appreciate a present, that will help them developing their passion.

Here's my subjective list of the best presents, that will make every food lover happy :)
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1. Flipping silicione pancake mold

This is definitely a game changer for every pancake lover! We love pancakes and they are basically a weekend tradition, served with fresh fruit, maple syrup or jam. After I discovered this awesome mold, my life got so much easier! You can make 7 pancakes at once, and they come out perfect, even and fluffy every time! You can also use it to make eggs and hash browns! So easy to clean and store.

Got mine from AlliExperss for $3

2. Cookbook

Cookbook for foodie is always a good idea! It's like a Bible, and trust me, there's never too many cookbooks in the house!
While finding a perfect cookbook, try to listen to your foodie, maybe you overheard that they mentioned something about making a sourdough bread? Or wanting to fermentate some veggies?

3. Grow-self mushroom kit

Ok, this one is super fun! I discovered it myself just a few weeks ago, and totally felt for it! You can get a kit that contains a oyster mushroom mycelium, growing on coffee grinds! The whole growing process is super easy, it only requires sprinkling the block with water twice a day. Watching your own mushrooms growing is such a fun experience. When they are ready to use, just pick them, and use directly in your dishes!

P.S. If you live in Denmark, you can win such a kit in my giveaway HERE

4. Piping tips set

This one is a must in every kitchen. Used to create beautiful frosting decorations, as well as choux eclairs, or topping your deviled eggs.

My all time favorite one is Wilton

4. Photo lenses

Lot's of foodies love sharing their food creation on social medias and blogs. To get they best results, they will surely need good camera lenses. Here, I can recommend a classic 50mm, for the perfect results.

For example this Nikkor

5. Food mixer

The most important tool in the whole kitchen, that no foodie can't live without. Basically used for everything, from mixing a dough, to whipping some cream.

My top choice is this Kenwood, equipped with an extra light and a big mixing bowl with handles.