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Eat locally part 1 – Greenilicious

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September 13, 2017
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Greenilicious is definitely one of the mandatory places to visit in Aarhus. Fresh, delicious and healthy are the best words to describe their menu, which combines a great variation of dishes for every taste buds.

A fter my summer series of favorites eateries in Poland, I decided to move to something more local, and give you a delicious tour around my city, Aarhus. We have actually moved here a bit more than half a year ago, and haven't really been so much out (busy life), so experiencing local food is surely a great opportunity to absorb the culture of the town.


Greenilicious the healthy well

I have been invited to lunch by one of the Aarhus' new slow food oriented boutique-café Greenilicious, to try their nourishing menu.
The whole concept is based on offering people healthy, organic food, without any artificial add-ons, served as a slow food in a fast way.

As the café is situated right at the main walking street in the shopping mall Magasin, you can feel the “organic” atmosphere just after you enter the front door. The interior is very cozy, perfect place to chill with some friends or family. I also love the use of recycled furniture, which create a pleasant “artistic mess” inside.

After being presented to the menu, we decided to trust our waiter, and get the meals recommended by her. We chose the lunch wrap, called “WRAPIDO”, which consists of a spinach wrap with long-breasted beef bacon, salsa, semi-dried tomatoes, hummus, mozzarella, pickled red onion and lots of greens, and an avocado toast – “THE ULTIMATE AVOCADO CRUSH”, which is exactly what is sounds like, toasted sourdough bread with kale leaves, slices of avo, fried egg, baked serrano and homemade romesco. As for drinks, we chose Blood Orange Juice and Apple Must.

While waiting for our food, I could take a closer look to the people and how the interact with the surrounding. I definitely noticed that the placement of the café suits the strategy; busy people are coming to Magasin to enjoy shopping, and being lured by the tasty smell of freshness straight to Greenilicious, where they can get the healthy meal fast and consume it on spot, or as a take-away.


The food arrived in a good time, on big, beautiful ceramic plates. The portions were very satisfying sized, plated in a neat way.

I started with the wraps. They were hiding under a blanket of spiralized vegetables and sprouts. I was very impressed by the rich, green colors of the wrap themselves; I have tried the store bought spinach wraps before, but they didn’t look even close as good as the ones I got served.

Inside you can find a good amount of meat, and other add-ons, in other words, the wraps were totally filled with goodies up to the edges! The taste was equally awesome; I have never tried anything like that before. The flavor combination that exploded straight into your month, as you took the first bite, was absolutely indescribable! Both main ingredients and spices were well balanced and complement each other flavor, so that you experienced a yummy journey, as you were eating your way through.


Afterwards I went into the other dish the avo toasts. I’m definitely one of those people who love avos from the bottom of my heart, so I was super excited to try it.

Similarly to the previous dish, the portion was good and beautifully served. I loved the crunchy bacon combined with very fresh and juicy avocado, and perfectly fried eggs. The element that deserves an extra attention here, is undoubtedly the romesco, which enriched the taste of the whole dish. Those kind of toasts go straight into my liking, although it was a little bit too salty for my taste.

As a rule, I don’t use much salt in my everyday cooking, and I know that many people add some extra salt when I have them over for dinner, so it’s most likely the individual case. Plus I know that Danes love adding salt to everything, so I think, they would love, as I did my fiancé.


As people say, no matter how full you are, there's always space for the dessert! And so we ended our eating date with a delicious NATURAL URBAN SNICKERS BAR. Really enjoyable tasting treat, loaded with seeds, peanuts and dates caramel, refined sugar free and a bit heavy, if you have to eat it all alone.

It kinda reminded me off my bliss balls, as they are made of the similar ingredients, and as we're great fans of them here at home, we really enjoyed this sweet pleasure.

To sum up my experience at Greenilicious, I can definitely recommend to visit this place, if you want to experience healthy food served in a delicious and unique way.

The only down side is the placement of the cafe, that is situated right at the entrance, and has a role of the hallway to the rest of the Magasin, which makes it a bit uncomfortable, while being passed by the crowds of people leaving the shopping mall.

There are not many places you can sit in peace and just relax, so I would recommend it more, if you're interested in take away. We chose to sit next to the entrance, as it was situated at the window, so I could take better pictures, but next time, I would sit somewhere else, as it could get a bit chilly, when the temperatures drop down, and people are constantly opening and closing doors right next to you.

Other than that, we had a fantastic time there, the lovely atmosphere, and competent staff are just a cherry on top of the absolutely delicious and unique food.