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Summer eatery by Miss Mullberry – part 2. Elblag

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July 17, 2017
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September 13, 2017
I’m very happy to hear that you enjoyed the part 1. Of my new blog series, and if you haven’t read it yet, click here!

Today I want to take you for a culinary trip along the streets of old town in my home city Elblag. Back in the days, when I was a teen, the old town used to be a paradise for young people, who were looking for some discos, pubs and cheep entertainment. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), within the last couple of years, the amount of young people in the town drastically dropped. The city doesn’t offer much work opportunities, so many of them decide to leave for study and job in a bigger city. Because of that, the old town’s discos transferred into many cozy restaurants and cafes.

N ot many people know, that between the VII and X century the city was called Truso, and was a port town and a part of Baltic trading system. I was also happy to find the city on the map during my visit at the Viking’s museum in Lindholm Høje, which proved that there was a trade between the Scandinavian settlements and Truso.

Back to the food, as it was a first day of holidays for my boyfriend, we decided to go to the Greek restaurant Santorini, in the heart of the old town.

I t was raining, but still warm enough to sit in the patio outside and enjoy the nice view of the tenement houses around. The interior of the restaurant was (obviously) styled to the Greek city Santorini; lots of white and blue elements, made it a pleasant place to relax and get you into a holiday mood. We decided to order Greek skewers, served with salad and fires as a main dish, frappe and meringue baked ice creams for dessert. The first dish came relatively fast, and we were really happy about the size of the portions. The food was served esthetically on the plate and tasted absolutely delicious! I was a bit concerned about the skewers first, as they tend to be dry, but here they were perfectly tender, juicy and spiced with herbs. We were also very happy about our desserts, I’m not a big meringue fan, but combined with ice creams they were just great!

We really enjoyed our experience there, big plus for the English card and nice staff! Because of the rain, we decided to continue our culinary trip the next day.

Right after the hairdresser’s visit, we headed to Anielska Chata (the Angel’s House) which is a lovely, cozy café, serving bubble waffles.

I f you haven’t heard about them, those are waffles with a bubble structure, filled with filling of your choice (chocolate, Snikers, Bounty, M&Ms). We got white choc, fruits and ice cream. Those waffles are definitely a must try in the summer, not too sweet, additionally, fresh fruits give good taste balance, just for the perfect enjoyment. The only minus, is the placement of the café, as it’s nearby the pretty busy street, and the lack of English card.

I hope you enjoyed the post! As always, let me know what you think and stay tuned for more!